Weight Loss For Busy Moms: Why Mom’s Weight Loss Is Good For The Whole Family

Busy moms might feel guilty or selfish for focusing on weight loss, but they shouldn’t. Mom’s weight loss is something that will directly benefit the entire family.

The growing obesity epidemic is a constant topic of mainstream news. Reputable health organizations like the Mayo clinic and the Center for Disease Control spend much of their resources educating the public about the health risks that have been directly linked to overweight and obesity.

Busy moms, and especially young moms, often find themselves struggling to lose “baby weight” or weight they gain easily can’t seem to shake.

Moms are under a lot of pressure and both a full-time stay at home moms or those who work outside the home often put the needs of their kids and spouse ahead of their own and this has a direct effect on their nutrition and activity. Spouses and kids may enjoy the service but should think in the long-term.

Nutrition and exercise for mom’s successful weight loss is not the subject of this article. This article is about why mom’s weight loss is good for the family, why she shouldn’t feel selfish for making it a priority and why dad and the kids are smart to encourage and support her.

Overweight and obesity has been directly linked to depression. Nearly 67% of Americans are overweight or obese and most don’t recognize it. They realize they are “a few pounds overweight” but are in denial about how serious it is. Moms have enough stress without adding obesity-induced depression. When mom is healthy the family benefits from her bright and hopeful demeanor.

Serious, chronic diseases are directly linked to overweight and obesity. Even at a young age, weight has a direct effect on health. Being overweight promotes fatigue, which limits activity and engagement with kids and spouse. As mom ages the effects can become more serious and cause high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes, and other diseases, including heart disease, the #1 killer of women. Maintaining an ideal weight will allow mom to be more active now and ensure many years of healthy fellowship with the family.

Overweight and obese moms often have overweight and obese kids. Mom sets the tempo and rhythm of the home. The example set by mom has a deep and lasting impression on kids and mom’s good habits almost always influence kids.

Of course, if mom is healthy and happy then dad is going to reap the benefits of improved intimacy (Dad needs to have his weight in check as well for greatest effect).

For moms to manage weight loss it takes time and effort. Time to eat properly and time to exercise. This is where guilt starts to creep when she starts to spend time on herself at the cost of attending to her spouse and kids. The family can feather their own nest by encouraging and supporting mom in her commitment.

In other words mom should not feel guilty for taking care of herself in a way that is going to allow her to be more happy and active and healthy for years to come. The family is the one who will reap the benefit by encouraging her to take some time for herself.

Give mom permission to take care of herself and the family will reap bigger benefits in the long run.