Weight Loss For Busy Moms: How A Pre-Flight Safety Demonstration Endorses Weight Loss For Moms

Busy moms often struggle with their weight. Moms, by nature, are selfless and put the needs of kids and spouse ahead of their own and this habit can promote weight gain over time. This article will reveal the effects and remedy for weight loss for busy moms.

Mom’s need to learn a lesson from Flight Safety. If you have ever flown in a commercial plane you have sat through the safety orientation. In addition to where the doors are and the fact that you seat is a flotation device, you get instructions about that little oxygen mask that drops down in front of you if things really start to go south. Remember what that warning is? It goes something like this:

“Put your mask on first, stupid, because if you pass out while you are trying to put masks on your kids you won’t do anybody any good.”

OK…I’m paraphrasing, but you get it, right? Being a martyr is a wasted gesture if in the process of martyring yourself you jeopardize those you martyred yourself for in the first place.

Moms are hardwired to take care of the kids first and this often means they ignore their own needs until last. When it comes to weight loss for busy moms this is the worst of habits.

I’ve written plenty of articles about metabolism and the importance of eating early and often. Busy moms often find themselves skipping breakfast and not eating until late in the morning or early afternoon. They often snack on the same foods they are feeding their kids, which are not be the best choice for them either (or the kids…but that’s another article for another time).

Busy moms will get the most out of motherhood when they take care of themselves from the beginning. When they pay attention to their own needs young mothers will be healthier and more active as they approach middle age and the realm of grand-parenthood.

I speak from experience. My own mother had all the classic bad habits. My mother was a single parent without support for much of my youth. She tended lovingly and dutifully to my sister and me along with working a full-time job and the occasional part-time stint without paying attention to her own eating habits.

Putting her own nutritional needs last brought on obesity, which greatly compromised her health in middle age. By the time grandkids started coming she was very limited in mobility and spent the last decade of her life fighting serious chronic illness from a wheelchair and she died way too young. Every health challenge she endured, including Type II Diabetes and breast cancer, are linked to obesity. Her case was extreme, but it’s a good illustration of how important it is to paying attention early on.

Busy moms can avoid this trap with commitment to healthy nutrition. When mom eats right it has the added benefit of setting a good example for the kids as well.

Since the challenge of a busy mom is time, diet shakes, or more accurately meal replacement shakes, are a very convenient form of getting complete nutrition that supports weight loss goals of busy moms. Shakes can also be a great way to round out the nutrition needs of the kids.

Busy moms need to eat a healthy meal, whether it’s a shake or something else, first thing in the morning and then regular meals and snacks throughout the day. Caloric intake is determined by your personal needs. Eating too few calories has the same metabolism-slowing effect as delaying and skipping meals and can lead to bingeing.

Minimum calorie intake recommendations are 1200 calories a day for women. You personal needs may vary depending on your current size and activity level.