Top 5 Jobs For Busy Moms – Success Strategies

A successful job for a busy mom will fit into everything else seamlessly, effortlessly, and will bring home good income. Here are my top five keys to success working from home as a busy mom.

Jobs for Busy Moms Strategy #1: Focus your time wisely. When you are working from home, every moment counts. Create a bullet list the night before so you know exactly what you are going to do with those two-hour nap times or single three-hour open windows. If you only have 15-minute spurts, create a list of quick tasks that can be done in those time windows you do have.

Jobs for Busy Moms Strategny #2: Dream bigger. When you’ve been at home as a mom for a few years, it is possible that you have gotten small in your dreams for your own professional future. Small dreams don’t get us excited, though, and they don’t help us reach our potential. Dream big and imagine the very best outcomes. Then be content with whatever shows up. Dreaming big lights a fire inside you that will give you that twinkle in your eyes. Success happens much easier when you’re jazzed about it.

Jobs for Busy Moms Strategy #3: Get a fast internet connection. As fast as possible. This will save you time and help you make more money with every moment that you wish to be working from home.

Jobs for Busy Moms Strategy #4: Choose a business opportunity that resonates with you. If you haven’t been checking in with yourself lately (moms often spend a lot more time making sure that their children’s activities are resonating than their own) it’s time to do so. Jobs or projects or businesses that resonate and make you feel good will succeed faster and with less stress than steep uphill climbs. Here’s a personal example: I tried to sell an energy drink and nobody I introduced to the drink liked it except me.

Plus, I don’t even really like energy drinks. I was talked into it by the people I like who invited me into their business, but it wasn’t a good fit for me. Then, a bunch of moms introduced me to a brand name grocery shopping business with the lowest prices in America guaranteed and free grocery shipping. I invite people to a product I totally need and use. That was so much easier for me than the energy drink, even though the energy drink business had a great business model. Grocery shopping was more fun for me to talk about – who doesn’t love a good deal? Get clear on what resonates with you, and stick to it.

Jobs for Busy Moms Strategy #5: Realize that it may take you more time to achieve results than when you worked before you had children. I am humbled time and time again by how long things take me to achieve that I could have done in a few weeks prior to being a mom. Now I just know that my business plan for a quarter is about what I could have done in three weeks before kids. This time with my children is so precious and it will be over so quickly, as I am already eight years in to being a mom. I am always in search of that personal space of being content while you know that you are balancing work and home and kids and a relationship and everything else that comes your way! Celebrate yourself. You are a hero, in my book.