Shower Or House Work – How Does a Busy Mom Cope?

We all are very busy people. We have to be at some places at some particular time, we have lots of chores to tackle and jobs or schools to attend. But have you ever thought about the hundreds of tasks your mom manages daily? Everyday she gets stressed with her to do list of work. There may be different reasons for every mom to get tired of. Some are working moms while some work from home itself. And the rest have loads and loads of home chores to do. Some times it even becomes difficult for them to take a shower everyday as she is busy with her kids or busy cooking. Whatever be the reason, when it comes to choosing between a shower and her kids work, she will always choose kids first.

She will never let her kids suffer because of her work stress or her need to take a long relaxing shower. If you are a busy mom then you should keep in mind a few points so that you can balance your home chores and your kid’s job equally well. Though it is a difficult task but it is not an impossible one! Maybe these points can help you get some extra time for a quick shower as well.

Try to finish all the morning home chores at the time your kid is sleeping or is off to school.

Even if you are very busy with some work and your child is talking to you, then listen to him first.

If you have a lot of cooking work left and you think that your child is going to be neglected then take him too in the kitchen and give him some small utensils to cook for himself so that he gets busy with it and allows you to cook fast. Probably one day your kid will become a great Chef!

So, in this way you will be able to cope up with your kid even at your most busy days and still perhaps fit in a shower for yourself.

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