Weight Loss For Busy Moms: Why Mom’s Weight Loss Is Good For The Whole Family

Busy moms might feel guilty or selfish for focusing on weight loss, but they shouldn’t. Mom’s weight loss is something that will directly benefit the entire family.

The growing obesity epidemic is a constant topic of mainstream news. Reputable health organizations like the Mayo clinic and the Center for Disease Control spend much of their resources educating the public about the health risks that have been directly linked to overweight and obesity.

Busy moms, and especially young moms, often find themselves struggling to lose “baby weight” or weight they gain easily can’t seem to shake.

Moms are under a lot of pressure and both a full-time stay at home moms or those who work outside the home often put the needs of their kids and spouse ahead of their own and this has a direct effect on their nutrition and activity. Spouses and kids may enjoy the service but should think in the long-term.

Nutrition and exercise for mom’s successful weight loss is not the subject of this article. This article is about why mom’s weight loss is good for the family, why she shouldn’t feel selfish for making it a priority and why dad and the kids are smart to encourage and support her.

Overweight and obesity has been directly linked to depression. Nearly 67% of Americans are overweight or obese and most don’t recognize it. They realize they are “a few pounds overweight” but are in denial about how serious it is. Moms have enough stress without adding obesity-induced depression. When mom is healthy the family benefits from her bright and hopeful demeanor.

Serious, chronic diseases are directly linked to overweight and obesity. Even at a young age, weight has a direct effect on health. Being overweight promotes fatigue, which limits activity and engagement with kids and spouse. As mom ages the effects can become more serious and cause high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes, and other diseases, including heart disease, the #1 killer of women. Maintaining an ideal weight will allow mom to be more active now and ensure many years of healthy fellowship with the family.

Overweight and obese moms often have overweight and obese kids. Mom sets the tempo and rhythm of the home. The example set by mom has a deep and lasting impression on kids and mom’s good habits almost always influence kids.

Of course, if mom is healthy and happy then dad is going to reap the benefits of improved intimacy (Dad needs to have his weight in check as well for greatest effect).

For moms to manage weight loss it takes time and effort. Time to eat properly and time to exercise. This is where guilt starts to creep when she starts to spend time on herself at the cost of attending to her spouse and kids. The family can feather their own nest by encouraging and supporting mom in her commitment.

In other words mom should not feel guilty for taking care of herself in a way that is going to allow her to be more happy and active and healthy for years to come. The family is the one who will reap the benefit by encouraging her to take some time for herself.

Give mom permission to take care of herself and the family will reap bigger benefits in the long run.

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Mom’s from all over the world realize that the internet is a way to overcome their struggles of just being a stay at home mom. Now her and her partner can watch their kids grow together. And knowing that they are financially secure makes the process even easier. All most mom’s want is a family that can grow old together and not have to worry about their kids ever having to go through what they did. And the internet is making this possible for moms all over the world.

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One Day Stay-Cation: 7 Tips to Creating a One Day Vacation for Busy Moms (You Can Do This!)

Let’s face it, whether moms work outside of the house or not, moms are super busy people. Sometimes they need a day to regroup, recharge their batteries, decompress or simply have fun. However, that day often does not come because there is always something or someone to tend to. Here are 7 tips busy moms can take to carve out a one day mini-stay-cation without going far and without spending a lot of money.

Tip #1 – Invite a friend. Asking someone to join you will cause you to mark it on your calendar and not brush it aside when challenges to your “day off” arise. It will also be more fun and memorable if shared with someone else.

Tip #2 – Avoid scheduling it on a day when there are a lot of evening activities that might undo the effects before the day is over. Even though you may need to schedule your mini-stay-cation during school hours, try to keep the vibe going until your head hits the pillow that night. If you know you have 3 activities to get your kids to and 17 minutes in which to eat dinner that evening, choose a different day. You want to gain as lasting an effect as possible. Make sure it is on a day with a relatively manageable night to follow.

Tip #3 – Plan an activity where you can engage as many senses as possible. You really want to be in the moment. The best way to do that is to tap into your experience with ALL of you – seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing things that delight you. Examples might include a meal at a great restaurant, a day at the beach, or a concert.

Tip #4 – Take pictures. This will enable you to capture your experience so that when you look back at the photos, you can conjure the feelings associated with that day. Also, taking photos will ensure you do something worth “capturing” rather than staying in your pajamas all day (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Tip #5 – Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Change things up a little so you feel invigorated and refreshed.

Tip #6 – Set the stage. Be sure to let others know that you are not available that day. Make sure people have access to an emergency contact if you choose to be unreachable. Do not offer to do “just one thing” for “just a little while” for someone else. It will end up taking longer than you expect and will cause you to feel resentful. Truly set aside as many hours as you can for yourself.

Tip #7 – Tap into that thing you’ve been missing. What is the one thing you’ve been wanting to do for so long but just haven’t had the chance? Is there a particular movie you want to see? Do you want to try a new exercise class? Are you craving pampering like a full body massage? Did you want to try something creative? Give yourself the opportunity to finish the day feeling renewed.

Unfortunately, busy moms don’t win prizes for longest time between “vacation” days. They work 24/7. Having a day off of fun or relaxation will enable you to take a deep breath so you have the energy and patience to be the best mom you can be moving forward.

Busy Moms – Help to Get Organized

There are 24 hours in a day. No more and no less. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of the largest corporation or a school cleaner. However, moms are in a unique category. A mom is supposed to be all things to all people and accomplish miracles on a regular basis. The smartest filing system for busy moms is user-friendly and helps her to achieve these miraculous challenges each and every day.

Picture any mother. She has to be a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, an auntie, a friend, a chauffeur, cook, cleaner, dishwasher, record keeper, money manager and all-round multitasking super mom. This list is more than enough to exhaust a regular person and it doesn’t even include time for sleep, rest or hobbies.

Think about your own circumstances. You may be a man or woman. Either way, you probably agree that moms need some help. The great news is that modern, versatile filing system software can help reduce the amount of time needed to accomplish some of these tasks. This time can then be focused on more important things. A filing system isn’t necessarily a grey shabby-looking filing cabinet with a bunch of messy old papers stuffed inside.

Filing systems are already used for so many purposes in every day life which aren’t recognized as filing systems. Your computer has files and folders in different places probably saved in a haphazard fashion on your hard drive with some things misfiled or duplicated because you’ve lost track of them. The shoebox in the cupboard has a pile of paid bills. That’s a file. A book shelf files books. That’s also a file. As is the shelf under the DVD recorder.

Anything that needs to be stored is a form of filing. Why not make life much easier? When you receive something, you have to make a choice. Action it, archive it for future retrieval if necessary or throw it out. As a mom, think of all the things you have to keep. It’s hard enough remembering where everything is, let alone trying to find something that another member of the household has put away because they think differently.

Kids’ school reports, paid bills, outstanding bills, bank statements, warranties, cds, DVDs, legal certificates for birth, marriage, divorce, business names, mortgage details, important contact details for family and friends, kids toys, copies of wills and powers of attorney, medical records, insurance details, photos in albums, prescriptions, employment records, tax records and the list goes on and on. You could even keep a file for all the clothing each family member has so you don’t waste money needlessly.

Picture your home as it is today. Ninety-five percent of the time, stuff will be strewn throughout the house. It’s poor mom’s job to find the lost assignment due today. It’s also her job to make breakfast, prepare lunches for the kids, write a couple of checks, pay some bills, remember to ring Aunt Dorothy for her birthday, order some flowers to be sent to her, give the kids their pocket money and to juggle all these tasks simultaneously.

Would you remember them all? Probably not! It’s time to give mom a helping hand. Using smart filing system software, she can create one simple way to organize everything that needs filing and storing, no matter where it is in the house, the garage, the shed, or in storage.

Instead of using an old fashioned alphabetical system, she can use one where all titles are specific to what they record. For example – bills can be divided into power, telephone, rates, school fees, etc., but can be grouped together as paid or unpaid. They could be filed in monthly, quarterly or yearly or however you want them to be filed.

Your huge DVD collection could be sorted according to genre. CDs can be done the same way. You could have different numbered boxes and make that number part of the title. Kids’ reports and school work could be under their names or categories and sub categories. It doesn’t really matter what you call them.

It doesn’t matter where you store things. The main aim of using an indexed filing system is to standardize so you and your whole family can easily retrieve things without wasting hours searching the house from top to bottom through all the clutter.

Some things may be in a filing cabinet if they’re documents. Some may be in drawers, boxes, hanging files, under beds, in the shed or garage, or perhaps stored outside of the residence. If a busy mom can save time when she puts things away and retrieves them again, think of how much free time she’ll have to do other things or simply to have a well deserved rest.

Motherhood is the hardest job in existence and it isn’t even a salaried position. So why on earth shouldn’t moms be able to use the same system that corporations use to save time and money?

Access can be restricted to whoever needs it. Hard copies of the index can be printed off and given to each family member or posted in a convenient place. Perhaps store a copy offsite at a friend’s house or at the bank, along with copies of all vital documents and a backup of all computer files.

Mom can run the household like a business and keep track of things more efficiently. A smart document management system can be the foundation for really getting the household organized properly once and for all.

The smartest filing system for busy moms will create a whole new way of life in which there is less stress and more time for the things that really count.