Busy Moms Dating

For busy moms dating, Here are some dating tips:

If you are busy moms dating, and you are experiencing a lot of challenges and frustrations in the dating department, you are not alone. There are thousands, if not millions, of other busy moms like you going through the same thing. You can just ask some of your single women friends. But, guess what? if you are ready to discover all the different dating possibilities, you will find your “Mr. Right”. There is an abundance of great single guys out there, but you must be willing to explore.

1. Busy single moms, don’t keep your “single and looking” status a secret, let friends and colleagues introduce you to their single friends. Keep in mind that looking for the right partner should be as important as, or more important than looking for the right job. Most people change careers three to four times throughout their lives. But, you are looking for a life partner.

There are many ways that people around the world connect and form long-lasting, loving relationships and marriages. But, you must be willing to look outside the traditional dating box.

2. Busy moms dating, can join a singles group. It’s an excellent safe way you can meet other singles. Keep in mind that every members of these groups have neighbors, some have brothers, friends, etc. This is a very good network of people. Some other singles activities include: singles dances, singles travel, singles bars, singles parties and local singles nightlife.

You can volunteer your services to other singles events through a variety of different organizations, like sports clubs, charities fundraiser events, and church fundraisers.

I’d also like to remind all you busy single moms dating, that although you are busy, never be too busy, and too excited about your date to think logically. Always remember that when you are dating be on your guard at all times. Don’t go to single’s night clubs alone, and don’t bring strangers home.

However, you are not going to find that decent, attractive, ideal unbelievable man for you, by sitting at home, or working in your backyard. You have to take the initiative to put yourself out there, because he is already out there. So, it’s your job to find him.

3. For Busy moms dating, I know that going on dates after the divorce can be very scary at first. But, you need to let go of past bad relationships. Holding on to the past will keep you from finding and holding on to a good partner.

4. Moms dating should always look your best whenever you are leaving your home. Ladies, get a nice hair cut,and wear fabulous clothes that make you feel good. It will boost your confidence tenfold. Tips: on where to shop for designer clothes at very cheap prices. Click on:

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Keep in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and men will be drawn to your physical attractiveness at first. In addition, when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good that sensation can be felt by people around you.

5. This Computer Age that you are fortunate enough to live in, eliminates the need of waiting on chance to meet “the one”. Therefore, the love of your life could only be a mouse click away. I am talking about online dating. A busy mom, should not rule out dating services, and online dating.

Your soul mate may live thousands of miles away. Therefore, dating services and online dating may be the only link between you and that individual.

With online dating, you have a wide range of men to choose from. You get to know about their professions, personalities, age, likes and dislikes, taste in music, food, smoker or none-smoker, occasional drinker or not, if he likes kids, pets, etc. Most people online usually post a picture of themselves and this gives you an opportunity to see what he looks like.

In his profile he will mention his preferences for a dating partner. When you are equipped with all this information, you can narrow your matches sand quickly separate the great guy from the others. With online dating you are in control.

There are millions of single people online these days. This increases the chance of you finding at least one person out there for you. Busy moms, I want you to know that thousands of women find true love online. Online dating is growing, and the stigma is no longer there. Millions of busy people are already taking advantage of this new way of meeting singles, and it is perfect for busy moms dating.

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The Five Key Steps to Boundary Setting for Busy Moms


• You give into your child’s tantrum because you are too exhausted to deal.
• You swallow an intrusive fellow mom’s comment about your parenting choices, again.
• Your child wakes you up for the fifth time at night.
• You say “yes” reluctantly to another visit to your in-laws when all you want is some family time alone at home.
• A neighbor asks another favor of you and you agree, even though she never reciprocates.

These situations are all results of unclear boundaries and discomfort with saying no. Unhealthy boundaries can leave you feeling exhausted, resentful, and frustrated, which does not support you in being the patient and joyful mom you want to be for your children. When you aren’t able to say no, you also often end up lacking in time, balance, and self-care. And as a busy mom that is the last thing you need.

Examples of good boundaries:
• Taking care of yourself before you take care of others (including your children, when you nurture yourself first you are better able to nurture others)
• Letting others know that their comments and criticisms are not okay
• Saying no, when no is what best serves YOU
• Letting others know when their behavior isn’t okay with you
• Asking for the support you need to create time and space for yourself
• Allowing yourself to receive help and support from others
• Feeling entitled to fully express your thoughts, ideas and needs

What happens when you have good boundaries:
• You have patience
• You feel at peace
• You feel energized
• You take better care of yourself
• Your relationships feel authentic
• You have time for what you need
• You enjoy life more
• You are being the best self and mom you can be

So how do you create healthier boundaries that allow you to be at your best?

Below is my five-step proven process for keeping your boundaries clear and healthy.

1. Create awareness of where your boundaries are being crossed
Here is the thing. When your boundaries are crossed – it’s because you allowed them to be. This is actually good news, because it is also means that it is within your control to put a stop to it. The first step in doing so is to raise your level of awareness by acknowledging when something doesn’t feel right to you. When you find yourself complaining, gossiping, feeling resentful, feeling overly stressed, or overwhelmed it’s important that you notice what you are feeling and check in with yourself to discover why you are feeling that way. Take a few moments to stop and identify what is creating the feeling. Often this step gets skipped, and instead reaction sets in -you lose patience with your child, pick a fight with your spouse, open the fridge and begin eating to distract from your emotions, or go on a shopping spree you cannot afford. None of these reactions support us in having the life we want – they are self sabotaging.

Some examples of situations that may leave you feeling not okay can include: your spouse/partner coming home late from work repeatedly, a babysitter canceling at that last minute, a neighbor popping over unannounced and waking your child during naptime, a phone solicitor that just won’t stop calling, your mother in-law offering endless parenting advice, a boss who insists you take on more than your fair share, co-workers who aren’t pulling their weight. The list is endless. The clearer you can get, the better.

2. Identify the beliefs that are stopping you from asserting your needs
Often when you are allowing your boundaries to be crossed it is because you don’t feel entitled to have your needs met and you are fearful of displeasing others. The best remedy for transforming the negative beliefs underneath these feelings is by taking excellent care of YOU. We allow our boundaries to be violated because we are afraid – afraid our mother in law won’t approve of us if we speak up, afraid our husband will be upset if we confront his lateness, afraid our neighbor will reject us if we impose some rules, afraid our boss will view us less favorably if we ask for support with our work.

It’s essential to identify the fear that is stopping you from getting more of what you need. It is also important to recognize that when you defer your needs, again and again, you build up resentments towards those you feel are taking advantage of you. Those resentments, over time, can really take a toll on your relationships. So having the courage to assert your needs gives others the opportunity to support you. It is an act of love – it strengthens your relationships. Not only that, but resentments get heavy, holding onto a lot of them will rob you of the vital energy you need as a busy mom.

3. Get clear about what you need and give yourself permission
Often we don’t know what it is we need. Especially as busy moms, we are often so focused on nurturing and tending to the needs of our family, that we give little thought to what it is that we need. What we do know, is that something isn’t right, the current situation isn’t working for us. Often we quickly dismiss our needs because we are so certain that they can’t be met or that we don’t deserve to have them met.

Once you are able to identify what it is you need, you then must give yourself permission to have what you need. You need to decide that what you need is important, that you matter too. Decide that you deserve to be happy, comfortable, and fulfilled. It is really easy for moms to turn into martyrs, and that serves no one, especially you!

And you may find yourself surprised at how easy it is to get what you need. Sometimes all it takes is getting clear and simply asking. In the case of an intrusive neighbor, perhaps all you need to do is let her know that she needs to call before coming over to make sure it’s a good time. Problem solved. It is often a gut reaction to take it personally when boundaries are crossed – we think they are out to get us – when, in fact, they are just being them, doing what they do, with no idea of the impact they has on us. It is your job to let them others know when a situation isn’t working for you and what you would like to see happen instead.

Once you identify your need and make getting what you need your focus (rather than having your focus be making the other person wrong for not anticipating your need) you are well on your way towards setting a healthy boundary.

4. Take appropriate action
If nothing changes, nothing changes. The most vital step in setting healthy boundaries is taking appropriate action. This is where the real work and the real change happen. Action shifts beliefs.

This may mean a simple conversation with your neighbor about calling, setting an agreement with your husband about what you need if he’s running late, or a real heart to heart with your mother in law about how her criticism impacts you and what you need to happen differently going forward. As you begin setting healthy boundaries, what you will find, is that it gets easier and easier. Eventually it becomes a way of life – a new, healthier, way of being that supports you. What you will also find is that you will feel better and life will feel easier.

5. Reflect on what worked and notice what changes
The practice of setting and keeping boundaries may be uncomfortable at the start – it is a muscle like any other and strengthens with use. That is why at the beginning it is important to reflect on the experience and focus on what worked. Focusing on what worked, rather than what didn’t, helps you to create more of that in your life. By bringing your attention to the positive experiences and changes these new, and likely uncomfortable, behaviors create you will build the confidence and courage to set and keep boundaries more often. Notice your relationships shifting, notice how much more powerful you feel (and less like a victim), and notice the freedom you begin to create for yourself. Often journaling and sharing with a trusted friend or coach is a great way to reflect upon your new experiences and discover exciting insights and learning opportunities to move you forward towards creating the healthy and loving relationships you desire.

Now it’s time to identify those boundaries that need some strengthening so that you can be your best self, best mom, and make your life work for you!

Home-Based Business Moms – 4 Keys to Getting it All Done Without Burning Out

In addition to getting clients, the other top challenge most home-based business moms face is getting it all done. After all, trying to manage a family and a business under one roof can be a challenge. You’re trying to balance your role as wife, mother, business owner, chauffeur, and potentially many other roles such as chief dish washer, laundry superintendent, housekeeper extraordinaire, pet sitter and dog walker, and the list could go on forever.

The first thing you have to realize if you want to maintain your sanity and avoid burning out is this: YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL!

Sorry to be screaming at you, but I find that most women are indeed trying to do it all. I should know. I used to try as well. And all I got was sick, tired, and burned out.

I’d like to offer 4 pieces of advice to help you get it all done without going crazy or burning out.

Key #1: Set Your Priorities

This involves admitting that you can’t do it all and accepting that’s okay. Sit down and decide what’s most important to you. Will the world come to an end if your bed goes unmade? Hey, I know some people who view bed-making as futile; after all, you’re just going to mess it up again that night! Does it really matter if your kindergartner’s clothes match? If he wants to dress himself, empower him to do so, and don’t worry if he’s wearing a red shirt and green shorts. In the big scheme of things, his empowerment is more important anyway. Home-cooked meals from scratch may be nice, but maybe they’re best saved for the weekends when you have more free time.

Setting priorities for you and your family is a very personal task. The only rule is to do what works for you. So cast your judgments aside, forget about what your mom did or what your neighbors do, and figure out what’s most important to you. Then let the other things slide and learn to be okay with that.

Key #2: Create a Schedule

When you work at home, there are always distractions. That pile of dishes in the sink, calling out to be washed, when you walk by to get a cup of coffee. The overflowing hamper of clothes that beckons you when you take a restroom break. Your child who wants to play when you have an important project you need to finish. All of these are activities that you can get done, when you assign time to do them.

So sit down every week and map out your time. Decide what you will do when, and make sure the entire family knows and understands the schedule. You may even want to purchase a white board calendar and post it where everyone can see it. That way, when Junior wants to play and its work-time for you, you can easily remind him that right now is work time, but in an hour it will be play time and he will receive your undivided attention. Then do your best to stick to your schedule. It won’t be perfect, nothing ever is, but it’s better than just winging it all day long and realizing at the end of the day you haven’t accomplished anything you set out to accomplish.

Key #3: Batch Your time

Time-batching is a concept that will enable you to be efficient with the time you do have, so you can accomplish more. As you’re creating your schedule, “lump” together similar activities. For example, if you write a weekly ezine, write articles for article marketing and you write blog posts on a regular basis, set aside a block of time each week and designate it for writing. If you have errands to run, take care of them when you’re already out, for example after you drop the kids off at school. Designate one or two times of day for checking email and your social networking sites and DO NOT check either the rest of the day (these are two of the biggest time-suckers out there – watch out for them!). Don’t answer your telephone if you’re in the middle of a project. Let calls go to voice mail and return them all at once, when it’s convenient for you (or at the time you’ve scheduled in your calendar to return and make calls).

Key #4: Delegate!

As I like to say, the home-based business mom can “have it all” but she doesn’t have to “do it all.” Start delegating tasks that you don’t like to do or aren’t good at. If you’re operating on a tight start-up budget, start with enlisting the help of your spouse or your children with chores around the house. Even young children can help out and will learn a sense of responsibility and independence when you empower them. Older kids will probably complain when you ask them to pitch in (mine still do!) but when you explain that your family is a team and everyone needs to pitch in to get things done, they’ll learn valuable lessons by participating. And, you’ll be teaching them well for when they’re out on their own.

For example, I taught both of my kids to pack their own lunches when they were in elementary school (a little chart on the refrigerator helped them learn how to pack items from each food group for a balanced lunch) and I taught them to do their own laundry when they were in junior high school. Both took a huge responsibility off of my shoulders and empowered them. Plus, they could no longer complain they didn’t like what was in their lunch or that they had no clean clothes to wear! Now that my kids are 17 and 20 years old, and one lives on her own at college, they know how to take care of themselves quite well.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the tasks on your plate and you just can’t seem to get them all done, I encourage you to implement these 4 steps today. The last thing you want to do is get burned out, because then you’re no good to you or your family. Set up healthy habits now, and as your business and family grows up; you’ll all be happier and healthier.

Weight Loss For Busy Moms: How A Pre-Flight Safety Demonstration Endorses Weight Loss For Moms

Busy moms often struggle with their weight. Moms, by nature, are selfless and put the needs of kids and spouse ahead of their own and this habit can promote weight gain over time. This article will reveal the effects and remedy for weight loss for busy moms.

Mom’s need to learn a lesson from Flight Safety. If you have ever flown in a commercial plane you have sat through the safety orientation. In addition to where the doors are and the fact that you seat is a flotation device, you get instructions about that little oxygen mask that drops down in front of you if things really start to go south. Remember what that warning is? It goes something like this:

“Put your mask on first, stupid, because if you pass out while you are trying to put masks on your kids you won’t do anybody any good.”

OK…I’m paraphrasing, but you get it, right? Being a martyr is a wasted gesture if in the process of martyring yourself you jeopardize those you martyred yourself for in the first place.

Moms are hardwired to take care of the kids first and this often means they ignore their own needs until last. When it comes to weight loss for busy moms this is the worst of habits.

I’ve written plenty of articles about metabolism and the importance of eating early and often. Busy moms often find themselves skipping breakfast and not eating until late in the morning or early afternoon. They often snack on the same foods they are feeding their kids, which are not be the best choice for them either (or the kids…but that’s another article for another time).

Busy moms will get the most out of motherhood when they take care of themselves from the beginning. When they pay attention to their own needs young mothers will be healthier and more active as they approach middle age and the realm of grand-parenthood.

I speak from experience. My own mother had all the classic bad habits. My mother was a single parent without support for much of my youth. She tended lovingly and dutifully to my sister and me along with working a full-time job and the occasional part-time stint without paying attention to her own eating habits.

Putting her own nutritional needs last brought on obesity, which greatly compromised her health in middle age. By the time grandkids started coming she was very limited in mobility and spent the last decade of her life fighting serious chronic illness from a wheelchair and she died way too young. Every health challenge she endured, including Type II Diabetes and breast cancer, are linked to obesity. Her case was extreme, but it’s a good illustration of how important it is to paying attention early on.

Busy moms can avoid this trap with commitment to healthy nutrition. When mom eats right it has the added benefit of setting a good example for the kids as well.

Since the challenge of a busy mom is time, diet shakes, or more accurately meal replacement shakes, are a very convenient form of getting complete nutrition that supports weight loss goals of busy moms. Shakes can also be a great way to round out the nutrition needs of the kids.

Busy moms need to eat a healthy meal, whether it’s a shake or something else, first thing in the morning and then regular meals and snacks throughout the day. Caloric intake is determined by your personal needs. Eating too few calories has the same metabolism-slowing effect as delaying and skipping meals and can lead to bingeing.

Minimum calorie intake recommendations are 1200 calories a day for women. You personal needs may vary depending on your current size and activity level.