Tips for a Busy Mom

Are you a busy Mom? Most Moms are and you know that without some proper planning of your days things just won’t get any less busy. Being a Mom can be so rewarding but a busy Mom must be careful to guard her time and privacy to remain a happy Mother. When you feel overwhelmed by your work load it is time to do some proper structuring and go through the main points of your day and week. Here are some good tips for the busy Mom. Read them and see what you can do to make a change for the better…


Dinner usually falls on the Mother and sometimes this can be arranged differently by having someone else in the household take over the task. Even younger children can be part of a schedule for dinner time. Learn to delegate tasks! A child can clear and set the table or prepare the salad. If you have a partner you might want to leave dinner time to him a few times a week. If you have no choice but to handle it yourself it is wise to plan the cooking so that you always have some easy things ready to pop into the microwave. You can also schedule a few take outs a month and for those days when dinner is too crazy to even look at!


You know that you didn’t put those socks under the couch in the living room and while your joke of hanging bras on the computer screens didn’t make the coin drop there are things that you can do to improve the situation. Again, a schedule is a wonderful way to make other family members participate. Delegate the different tasks that usually fall on your shoulders and make sure to hand out rewards for the job. You can also plan to clean with kids together. When children are younger this will demand some extra patience but stick to the plan. As they grow up it will only feel natural to them to clean up with regular intervals.

Having a Life!

OK, you are a busy Mom but what about a life? What about you? It is all too common for Mothers to forget that they are people with needs. You take care of the kids, the house and everything else and when time comes for bed you are too tired to take care of yourself. For this reason you must realize that Mom time should also be part of the schedule. Use this time for something that you love to do, no cleaning, and no cooking!

By remembering that you are a person you will stay one, even when the kids, house and your partner are driving you up the walls. You will be able to handle all of the challenges calmly and in a sane fashion when you feel that there is something else to life than the never ending cycle of musts!

6 Ways to Stay in the Loop About Fashion Even When You’re a Busy Mom

When one’s children are small, it can be the busiest time in a woman’s life. As they get older, it doesn’t seem to let up for an instant. Is she isn’t taking one child to soccer practice, she is taking another to ballet. There simply never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done, let alone pay attention to what is going on in the rest of the world. This is especially true for the rapidly changing world of fashion. However, there are some ways that a busy mom can still stay in the loop about fashion without having to spend large chunks of time. Here are 6 of them:

1. Watch TV

After the kids have gone to school or when the tiny ones have gone down for their morning naps, there are any number of daytime television talk shows that usually have a quick rundown of what is happening in fashion. Keep the TV on while doing something else. Then pause and take a look when the fashion show comes on.

2. Fashion Blogs

Another time-efficient way in which a busy mother can keep up with the latest fashion news, is to spend a few minutes each week reading fashion blogs. Choosing from among the thousands of fashion blogs that are rich in photo content can give the best and quickest overviews of the latest in styles.

3. Fashion Magazines

When in doubt, turn to the famous fashion magazines. There are magazines that are fully dedicated to nothing but fashion. One can find both haute couture fashions that are modeled by supermodels, as well as everyday fashions for the average mom. The busy mom should find those that best suit what she is looking for, and take out a subscription.

4. Online Subscriptions

Most moms do manage to find time to check their email, at least one time per day. This would be the perfect time to take advantage of the many opportunities there are online to read one of the many online fashion magazine subscriptions. Most can be delivered straight to an inbox. Others can be read via a news reader.

5. Newspapers
There are entire newspapers that are devoted to fashion. If this is too much for a busy mom, most newspapers these days do have fashion sections. It takes no time at all to skim over the latest fashion trends.

6. Department Store Mailing Lists

Many of the larger department stores send out flyers or other forms of news about the fashion world in general, and, at times, about fashion sales that are going on in their stores. Online or off, sign up, and stay in the know!

Shower Or House Work – How Does a Busy Mom Cope?

We all are very busy people. We have to be at some places at some particular time, we have lots of chores to tackle and jobs or schools to attend. But have you ever thought about the hundreds of tasks your mom manages daily? Everyday she gets stressed with her to do list of work. There may be different reasons for every mom to get tired of. Some are working moms while some work from home itself. And the rest have loads and loads of home chores to do. Some times it even becomes difficult for them to take a shower everyday as she is busy with her kids or busy cooking. Whatever be the reason, when it comes to choosing between a shower and her kids work, she will always choose kids first.

She will never let her kids suffer because of her work stress or her need to take a long relaxing shower. If you are a busy mom then you should keep in mind a few points so that you can balance your home chores and your kid’s job equally well. Though it is a difficult task but it is not an impossible one! Maybe these points can help you get some extra time for a quick shower as well.

Try to finish all the morning home chores at the time your kid is sleeping or is off to school.

Even if you are very busy with some work and your child is talking to you, then listen to him first.

If you have a lot of cooking work left and you think that your child is going to be neglected then take him too in the kitchen and give him some small utensils to cook for himself so that he gets busy with it and allows you to cook fast. Probably one day your kid will become a great Chef!

So, in this way you will be able to cope up with your kid even at your most busy days and still perhaps fit in a shower for yourself.

Get more tips on Time Management and being a productive Mom.

Home Based Business Mom Can Start

Thanks to the growth of the internet there are many moms who have been able to find work online and therefore work from home. Are you one of the lucky ones? Are you a home based business mom? There are so many working parents who have to leave their young children at daycare while they work. That feeling of being separated from your kids for so many hours is terrible. Not to mention the constant fear of being laid off or fired when your children are sick and you are struggling to keep up with work. Thanks to internet technology moms that want to start their own home business can do so.

Below are three suggestions for anyone who would like to become a home based business mom.

1. Selling Arts or Information

While many artists are able to sell their art at craft shows and art fairs, there is quite a bit of travelling involved in doing so. The quickest way to get your art in front of millions is to make it available online. Here are three ways you could promote your material:

  • Your own website – You could search for sites that allow you to have a free website, but you will most likely want to have your own domain and website hosted by a hosting service. This provides you complete control over how the site looks and operates.
  • eBay or Elance – Many artists and crafters place their work on these sites where customers bid on the items. Of course, you can set a minimum price or a “buy it now” price.
  • Affiliate Marketing – If you have some information or instructions you think others would love to have you could create an eBook and sell it through affiliate sites like There is more than one home based business mom who has joined an affiliate program to make money by either selling or referring products. Thousands do it. So can you.

2. MLM

Multilevel marketing, also known as Network Marketing has become very popular on the internet as it can be inexpensive to start. Some people don’t care for MLM since in the past it has required holding meetings and trying to recruit people in order to build your downline. However, on the internet you simply need to drive traffic to your MLM website in order to get people to join. You will want to represent a product you really believe in, and, that has a high profit margin.

3. Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is probably the easiest and quickest way to create wealth online as some programs incorporate the best of two worlds:

  • Training – the training shows you how to drive traffic to your site using keywords so no matter what it is you’re selling your product can be viewed by the thousands of people who typed keywords that relate to it. For example, let’s say you’re selling an eBook on how to make jewelry. When someone types in “how to make jewelry” in Google, hits enter, you want your website to appear at the top of the list where it can be seen. This is just one technique that Internet Marketing should teach you.
  • Affiliate Product – having a product ready for you to market such as an eBook or other items that you can sell as an affiliate to the company. The advantage here is that you don’t have to create something yourself to sell.

With any of these suggestions you will want to research the companies thoroughly and make sure they provide extensive training, coaching and mentoring. Talk to the people involved and ask them hard questions. Talk to each home based business mom you can find. Take the time needed to learn more about each of these ideas before jumping into a decision.