Marketing For Home-Based Business Moms – Yes, It’s Different!

I always coach my clients that they should be spending at least 50% of their time on marketing.  This is especially true when your home-based business is new, because when you’re first starting out, no one knows about your business and what you offer, and you don’t have an email list of people you can introduce your products and services to.

When you’re just starting out in a home-based business, usually you have a great idea, lots of enthusiasm, and just a little bit of money. That means you need to leverage your time when it comes to marketing. And we all know time is a precious commodity to moms. 

Often times this can feel overwhelming to a busy mom. After all, some marketing activities can be very time consuming, like attending networking events and networking one-on-one with key influencers or colleagues or former business associates who might be a good source of referrals.

Often networking events are held in the early morning, when mom is busy trying to get her kids off to daycare or school. Or in the evening when she wants to spend time with her family. Getting out and doing speaking engagements is another excellent way to position yourself as an expert, but it requires travel. And for many moms, this is simply out of the question, especially when their children are young.

These are not the same challenges faced by men and single women who have a lot more time flexibility to do this type of networking and marketing.

However there are certain marketing activities that lend themselves perfectly to the home-based business mom, and they fall into these 2 categories:

1)  They can be done at any time of day or night 

2)  They involve some form of automation

Here are 5 examples of marketing activities that satisfy these two criteria and are therefore ideally suited to the home-based business mom:

1)  Article Marketing

You can write articles and post them to the online article directories any time of day or night so this is one of the most flexible ways you have to market your business. 

2)  Email Marketing

Because your email marketing can be automated, it is also an excellent way for moms to market. If you publish an ezine, you can write it whenever is convenient for you, and schedule it to be published whenever you want it to go out to your subscribers.

3)  Blogging

Just as you can write your ezine at any time and then choose when you want it to go out to your list, you can also write and schedule blog posts.

4)  Social Media Marketing

I think by nature, women love to connect with others, but as we mentioned earlier, live networking can be a challenge. Social media marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter enable busy moms to network online at any time of day or night.

5)  Teleseminars

For busy moms who don’t want to leave their families to do live speaking engagements, teleseminars are an excellent alternative. Home-based business moms can use teleseminars to leverage their expertise, share their knowledge, and market their business.

As a busy mom running a business, marketing is very important to your success. However if you can pick 3-4 marketing activities, such as those we’ve shared here, and find a way to fit them into your schedule (whatever that schedule may be) and do them consistently, you will see your business grow.