How Daily Devotions Help Busy Moms Go Through Each Day

Sometimes it is very difficult to go through life when things aren’t going well, and daily devotions are the last thing a busy mom wants to read. For example, the kids may all be throwing tantrums, the car won’t start, the washer acts up, and all the numerous things that moms face on a day-to-day basis. When all these things weigh a mom down, what is she to do?

The good thing is that despite all these pressures, a Christian mom has one thing that remains unchanging: she can behold Jesus, her relentless Lover. Oftentimes, though, moms find themselves too busy and think that seeing more of Him is limited to people who can spend hours everyday meditating on His love! But do you know that He desires to encounter everyone, and He can do so even in a very limited amount of time?

Daily devotions are designed not for people who have all the time in the world. Instead, the idea of having short, easy-to-read snippets that still contain important truths came from the revelation that God desires to encounter even busy working professionals, busy moms, and just about anybody swamped with tasks throughout the day. These people, above all, would need the constant reminder of His love. And the tiny daily portions are just a launching pad for getting used to receiving His love constantly.

How do daily devotions help busy moms?

1. It reminds moms that they are not alone in this world. Daily devotions that talk about Jesus and His love remind them that He initiated everything when He died on the cross for our forgiveness and to be close to us. It’s that same lovesickness that causes Him to meet every mom exactly where she is and show her more of His heart.

2. It helps moms realize how special they are, giving them the strength to go on although everything else seems to be going wrong. They say that a person in love is a person fully alive; in the case of moms, they need to realize how loved they are in order to give of themselves more fully to their children.

3. It gives them precious time alone and makes them realize they are loved for who they are, not for what they do. Moms sometimes go to super-mom mode in the thought that they are only valued for what they do. Once they sit down and sit still, they may fret, thinking they are not being productive. But when they develop the habit of sitting down daily for a fixed period of time, they slowly change that mindset, realizing that they are loved no matter what they do.

All in all, daily devotions are meant for people to enjoy the journey of knowing the depths, the widths, the heights, the lengths of His love, and then you can face whatever the world throws at you.