Home-Based Business Moms – Don’t Try to Do it All Alone

Most home-based business moms start out as solo-professionals. They begin offering a service from a home-based office, and they wear all the hats in that business. Problem is, when they’re wearing all the hats, it may save on costs, but at what cost?

Here are few things to consider if you’re a home-based business mom and you’re currently operating your business all on your own, without any help.

(1) If you had just hired a web designer, your website would be done

Your website would look professional and it would be generating leads for you every day. You can get a professionally designed website or blog site for just a few hundred dollars. So I ask you, what is it costing you to not have that website? Try Elance.com or ask friends and colleagues for referrals.

(2) If you had invested in some marketing or business coaching

You would have given your business a much stronger foundation to stand on, and you’d be growing right now instead of struggling. You need to be constantly looking for ways to grow yourself and your business, whether that’s through books, CDs, information products, seminars, teleclasses, coaching, or participating in a mastermind group.

Investing in yourself is the quickest way to grow your business and get out of struggle. A coach can teach you, push you and hold you accountable. But you still have to be willing to grow and get out of your own way. You have to be willing to step into the uncomfortable and try new things; otherwise you will stay right where you are. Your business will grow only when you grow first.

(3) If you had hired a bookkeeper

If you had hired a bookkeeper to come in for a few hours a month to handle all of your business and personal finances, you could be spending more time with your family, or working on your business. You can easily find a bookkeeper for as little as $40 to $60 an hour. Is $100 to $200 a month worth it to make sure your business finances are in order come tax time? You bet it is! QuickBooks certifies bookkeepers and is a great resource. You can also check with your CPA or tax accountant, friends or referrals, or use Elance or Craigslist.

(4) If you had hired a part-time virtual assistant

If you had hired an assistant for even 1-2 hours a week, you could have spent that time growing your business with marketing or focusing on revenue-producing activities. You can easily find help for between $20 and $50 an hour, depending on the level of experience you are looking for (you might even be able to find a student or an intern for $10 an hour). So for as little as a few hundred dollars a month, you could free yourself up to focus on growing your business, not just keeping it afloat.

To find a virtual assistant or support, ask friends and colleagues for referrals, search Google, or try Elance, Craigslist, or your local community.

(5) If you had hired a housekeeper

If you had hired a housekeeper to come in a couple times a month to clean your house, you could be spending your weekends with your family and rejuvenating yourself, instead of cleaning toilets and keeping your house clean. If nothing else, delegate household tasks among your family members. Even small children will learn responsibility when given small tasks to do. Pre-teens and teens are quite capable, and yes, they will complain when given tasks, but you will be helping them to grow into responsible adults who can take care of themselves.

For example, I taught my kids how to pack their own lunches when they were in elementary school, and how to do their own laundry when they were in junior high school. It helped me out tremendously and they are now very self-sufficient people. To find a housekeeper, check with friends and neighbors for a referral. Or check your local community classified ads.

These are all simple examples of easy ways to get help

So stop believing you have to do everything yourself, start asking others to help you (whether you pay them or you just choose to start with family members), and then accept that help. Know that they probably won’t do things exactly the same way you would and instead of micro-managing them, focus your time on growing your business, or enjoying your life. That is after all why you started this business in the first place, isn’t it?