What Makes the Perfect Web Host

It’s the seemingly impossible dream: A web host that successfully hits every major point of web hosting and leaves you with a perfect hosting experience. While this truly is an impossible dream in some ways, there are web hosts out there that manage to provide a superb experience. That leaves you with one very important question. What exactly should a web host do to be considered superb?

The Building Blocks of Great Hosting

Let’s start with security. PCI compliance, encryption, backups, and recovery software are all part of what goes into securing your website. Without security, a website simply can’t be trusted these days, so it’s one of the first things you should look at if you decide on Sage Cloud hosting or any other type of hosting.

Next up are the physical basics. How much storage is available? How much bandwidth – aka how many visitors – is your site allowed a month? Will the servers be shared or will they be dedicated or virtual private servers? What kind of software is bundled with the hosting plan that will help you increase traffic, provide customer service to your visitors, and allow you to create interactive displays to enhance user experience? There are so many questions to ask.

Cloud hosting has become one of the top forms of hosting these days. Why does cloud hosting get first consideration these days? It’s fairly simple. Cloud hosting is more economical than other forms of hosting and it allows for you to be pretty much everywhere at once. No matter where you are, you can access “the cloud” and get your business running.

Perhaps the most important facet of cloud hosting is that you are storing your information and pictures on a “cloud” that is controlled by another company. They’re going to be your dedicated IT team, preventing you to have to spend large sums of money on your own IT team. There’s nothing quite as comforting as the out of the box support provided by cloud hosting. You immediately have somewhere to turn when you encounter any problems with your website.

Cloud hosting is a relatively new form of hosting that requires some patience to learn if you’re not familiar with it. There are excellent guides to cloud hosting that will describe exactly why cloud hosting is the right choice for you. On rare occasions, it might be better to choose another form of hosting, but for the most part cloud hosting is the hosting of the future and now. There are few setbacks to cloud hosting and you’ll find as you become more familiar with it exactly why so many people have turned to cloud hosting and saved tons of money on even their biggest projects.

If you’re interested in this form of hosting, you’ll find plenty of testimonies to read over that will describe what kind of experience you’re in for. For the most part, cloud hosting has excellent security, a dedicated IT team right from the gate, and plenty of storage.