Busy Moms – How To Have More Fun With Your Kids

As busy moms we can easily become tired, drained, and exhausted. Leaving little energy to have fun and laugh with our children.

Children need so much… Love, encouragement, discipline, and many other things. But right now I want to talk to you about FUN! Do you laugh with your kids? Do you take time to enjoy your children? Children need to laugh with you and play with you. This is a way of showing love to them. Busy Moms can take life too seriously. Laugh! Laugh often! Focus on fun.

I realize busy moms are pulled in many directions at once. It’s hard sometimes to slow down enough to laugh and enjoy life. Instead of getting upset or crying, try laughing. Only get upset at the big stuff! Let the little stuff go and enjoy. Life is so short. Life is to be enjoyed. Our children need moms that can laugh and play with them.

Here are some ways busy moms can start having more fun today-

  • Don’t expect perfection from your children or yourself – lighten up!
  • See each day as a blessing to be enjoyed
  • Find humor in the little things, when the milk spills, laugh, and tell them it’s no big deal
  • Don’t be too busy with over-scheduling, save time just to hang out as a family everyday. Change your Mindset from “oh..I’m so busy or stressed out” to… “wow, this is so easy”

Spend time each day doing an activity with your children that they enjoy, be present and focus 100% on them. Ideas-

  • Younger kids- tickle time. In making them laugh, you will laugh too
  • Play Hide and Go Seek in your house with them
  • If you have a pool, get in and swim with them
  • If you have a trampoline, get on it and jump with them (be careful with the flips, trust me!)
  • Take them to the park and throw a frisbee, ball, boomerang, or play chase with them
  • Buy or make ice blocks, find a grassy hill, and slide down the hill with them
  • Go bike riding, rollerblading, take a walk, or feed the ducks at a lake
  • Play basketball with your kids

You get the idea. Find what they love and do it. Give them your undivided attention (hint, no TV or cell phones allowed). You are building a strong, loving, trusting relationship with your children when you take time out for fun. It takes practice to juggle everything on the plate for busy moms, but with practice it can be done!