System CRM for law firms – Which is the best alternative?

You may be completely aware that enterprises in all industry sectors are using with success CRM software products. And while law firms don’t have customers, they have clients, it is still highly important to have a management software product able to deliver optimizing capabilities in their most exquisite form. Business establishments that activate in the law industry still need process automation facilities, while their internal processes and relationship with clients. Also, in order for a law firm to broaden their network, it needs external databases, apart for the existing client database. These features will assure the success and best practices of a reliable and highly-seen establishment. One product able to deliver such advantages for a law firm is the bpm’online, a product that is compressing with success practice management, financial management and case and matter management, as well as other intelligent tools, able to deliver measurable results and improvements. Below are some the most bellowed CRM systems available on the market currently that are directed towards law firms.

The bpm’online CRM Legal

Offering robust solutions in terms of client database and case management, this amazing, state-of-the-art software product comes to help establishments that activate in the law field in numerous ways. Having incorporated some incredible features, this product helps law firms detain and manage more efficiently their clients. Below are some smart tools incorporated in the bpm’online CRM database for law firms:

  • Practice management – in a work environment dominated by papers and reports, this software will help your employee and staff members focus more on their cases, and not on administrative papers. This will enable them to work more efficiently and deliver better results. It also has integrated Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Word and Google services, for a better practice management. Moreover, this software product will allow law firms to better summarize their activity as well as analyse it.
  • Financial management – this feature will help each law firm to better understand the financial flow inside it and manage better their resources. It will provide a closer look at employee-related expenses, manage with ease the current financial balance, create invoices by using pre-established templates, organize billings and contracts in an easier manner etc.
  • Case and matter management – it will offer a law firm manager the possibility to manage easier the workload and distribute it in an equitable fashion amongst all employees and staff members. It will also the possibility to manage all your cases and matter from the same interface. The product will also send notifications of due date cases and other small advantages that will facilitate the activity inside a law firm.
  • Document management, CRM, sales and marketing management tools incorporated into the same product. Bpm’online also offers great solutions in terms of business process management, being able to automate all the steps and processes inside a law firm.

The ActionStep for law firms

The ActionStep CRM software for law firms is offering could-based and secure CRM solutions for law firms, and it is packed with amazing features that will ease enormously all the processes that take place inside a law firm. Clients that exist in establishment’s database, as well as now clients can be easily managed with the help of this amazing software product. Clients interested in finding our more can visit the address:

The Clio CRM system for law firms

 This software product is also packed with amazing case and time management features, and with process automation capabilities. It is also could-based and secured while it helps employees and staff members accomplish easier their goals. More information regarding this product can be found at