Your Career Starts at College!

You’re a student, but you want to start your career without delay?  Make the first steps to your future at the high school, college or university.

Is It Possible to Begin the Career While Being a Student?

From the childhood we hear the stereotypes about the necessary things in life. We are told that the plan of our life should be from school to college, then to work until the pension. Many of us are waiting for graduation from the college or university to begin a career, even if they have some ideas. For a lot of people, it seems impossible to climb the corporate ladder while being a student, because the only available job is a waiter or similar ones. If you read this article, you don’t believe in this nonsense and are ready to build your future right now.

The answer to the question in the title is YES! Nowadays all the educational establishments provide the students with a wide range of opportunities to make their first career steps. The head, the teachers and professors of the high school, college or university are interested in helping students to build a great future, so they are always ready to help. Your projects brought to life during studying can turn into your business in the future.

What Should You Do if You Have an Idea?

If you have an idea, you need to make a startup of it. It means that you should write the detailed plan for creating and developing your idea. You need to take into account all your needs for it: money, people, work place, time, equipment, etc. Then you calculate everything and summarize it. It’s necessary to divide all your needs into groups depending on who can provide you with them (you yourself, educational establishment, family, friends, etc.).

When you have a startup, you can address to the administration of your educational establishment immediately. You should show them your plan and ask about the possibilities of realizing it. In a couple of days they will tell you what they can do for you. Everything else you need to find by yourself. You can ask fellow students – there are always some people, who want to take part in organizing a new project. You also need a detailed plan, so go get it from the experts at

Material needs can be covered by your family or by yourself. If you want to be independent from your parents, you will have to work for some time to earn enough money. But you should remember that while you are going to start your project, someone can create something similar and all your efforts will become useless.

What Kind of Help Can the Educational Establishment Provide?

Of course, your school, college or university won’t carry out the entire plan for you – the administration can give you some help, but you’re the one, who has to work hard.

The educational establishment can give you a free classroom, which you will use as a workplace. It’s very important for you, because you will be able to arrange a little office where no one will distract you. The administration can also let you use the equipment, such as computers, printers, furniture, etc. You may get some students, who will help you. If you need more time, you can ask about formal dismissal from classes.

If your idea will play a big role for the school, the administration can even help you with money or will find a sponsor for you.

 Does the Educational Establishment Help Anyone?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Even if the administration wants to provide each student with help, they don’t have enough resource to do it. They choose the most promising, thought-out ideas, which will be the most useful for the whole college or university. Sometimes they can suggest the uniting of some ideas into one to be able to give help to this common project. So if you want to get the help and support from your educational establishment, you need to have a very good idea, which can bring benefits to it.

How to Consider Everything?

That’s a difficult question, because your needs depend on your idea. You can find the necessary information in the Internet and adapt it to your possibilities and desires. If you can’t calculate material needs, you should ask the administration to help you, because they can deal with it better than you. Imagine that your project is done and think of what you will use for work – all those things are necessary for you.

We don’t want to provide you with new ideas, we will use as an example the project of creating a newspaper (because each educational establishment already has it). To make a startup, think, firstly, about the format and structure of the newspaper, its genre and material for publication. Secondly, count the required amount of students, who will write and edit articles, create a design, prepare the publication of newspaper and print it. Think about equipment (computers, printers, paper) and furniture (tables, chairs, shelves, boards). You need to think about the content, which should be of interest to many students. The first publication of the newspaper you will prepare by yourself – it will help you to realize your mistakes and fix them or it will bring you success.

Where to Get Support Except of School?

Before starting to look for another source of help, check your project again. Maybe you made a mistake? Perhaps, you didn’t think about all the details? If your educational establishment refused to help you, ask the administrators about the reasons. If it’s your fault, they will point it out and you will fix it.

It’s possible that your college just doesn’t have possibilities to bring your project to life. In this case you can start looking for another ways to develop your idea. There are a lot of foundations for assistance the initiative students, which are always ready to help. But to get the support from them, you need to add a charitable aspect to your project, because it’s the purpose of all the foundations.

So do not be afraid of realizing your ideas and do not let the stereotypes ruin your projects. Remember that your age and money mean nothing in the modern society – you can achieve everything if you try!