Why Appointing a Trademark For Your Company Is a Good Idea

by kentohyayimages.com

When a company makes a name for itself, especially if it’s a direct customer-oriented business, people tend to associate the promised quality of their service or product with its trademark. Its name, its logo and even the tag line is a holistic representation of the entire organization. Think Coca Cola, the popular red and white theme of its bottles, cans or other product is something everyone is familiar with. In fact, the chilled effervescing beverage is sure to pop up in your mind when they see those two colors in Coca Cola’s traditional pattern.

The trade mark becomes a symbol of the company’s excellence and integrity. It serves as an official seal of integrity. What’s special about a company’s trademark is that it is unique and specific for the company only. No two companies can legally share the same trademark without having a case of copyright infringement. The United States Patent and Trademark rules clearly say that a trademark must be distinctive and in use in commerce. However, you don’t need to worry about the legalities of trademark acquirement and can let the trademark attorneys and experts handle it for your business incorporation.

Let’s look at a few reasons why having a trademark for your company is a good idea.


  • Prevents counterfeiting: Since the registered trademark can only be used for the company that has got it registered, the presence of this trademark on their products verifies the authenticity of the purchase. In other words, the customers know what they’re getting because of the trademark. Trademark name specificity prevents and protects you from counterfeit products.
  • Trademarks make your business prominent: The market is full of competition and you need that something extra to make your products and services stand out amongst others. Trademarks help the customers to locate your products and distinguish your business from the competitors. The trademark represents the company‘s reputation and therefore, is one of the main things customers look for when searching your product.
  • Trademarks aid the company’s search engine optimization: In this digital age, when people have to search for something specific, they type in minimal information and easily end up on what they were looking for. This minimal information is mostly the company’s trademark name. The company’s trademark name is googled or searched in social media platforms and this consequently directs more traffic online towards the company. This is the key to increase your customer base.
  • Trademarks can help expand your business: A trademark’s value is correlated with the value of the company. When the company transforms into a brand, the trademark can be used to utilize the company’s reputation and take on other endeavors for the expansion of the company. Trademarks can help the company make its way into another industry. Usually, small enterprises that have gained popularities use the trademark to sell clothes, mugs and other franchised items.

How to get a trademark?

All you need to do is contact the experts to discuss your requirements and meet with an attorney appointed for you. The trademark will then be checked for availability and given a green light for use. Your funds are only given to the attorney once you are completely satisfied with the trademark.