At Home Workouts For Busy Moms

It’s no wonder with all that mothers have to do, that sometimes busy moms tend to gain weight or have a hard time still losing the past baby weight that they have gained. Whether the moms works outside the home or is a stay at home mother, it can be difficult to find time to workout. Most busy moms just want to sit down for 5 minutes and rest when they can, but what they don’t realize is that regular workouts can actually help them have more energy for their day.

At home workouts are the best options for busy moms. They don’t have to worry about taking the time out of their already packed schedules to drive back and forth to a gym or recreation center. Instead they can simply sneak away to another room for a few minutes to get some exercise in.

Busy moms need at home workouts that are going to be quick but also effective. Not all 10 minute workouts are effective enough to provide the necessary calorie burn to lose weight and get healthy. One idea for at home workouts for busy moms is Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer. The workouts are only 10 minutes long, but the include an efficient set of exercises that aim to work the entire body in that short period of time. Most moms can find at least 10 minutes in their day to quickly pop in a 10 Minute Trainer DVD and get a calorie-burning workout in. It could be after the kids go to sleep, during nap time, during quite play time, or before the kids wake up in the morning. You can even ask your spouse to watch the kids for only 10 minutes as you workout and then return back to being a busy mom.

There are some less effective at home workouts that busy moms can do also. Running on a treadmill or an elliptical machine may be a good idea if you have at least 25-30 minutes to spare for a workout. Another at home workout idea for busy moms is taking your children for walks. This may be a great way to spend some time with your kids while getting exercise in. To get an effective workout from walking, you would need to spend at least 30-45 minutes walking at a reasonable pace that elevates your heart rate.

It is possible for busy moms to find the time to get in regular workouts. Now, they may have to start off with 10 minute workouts like 10 Minute Trainer, but as they start to get more energy from working out and start to see the results, they can add more minutes on to their workouts. Forget about driving to and from the gym when you are a busy mom. Instead, look to your own home to provide you with effective workouts that can help you lose weight, tone up your body and get you back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

Marketing For Home-Based Business Moms – Yes, It’s Different!

I always coach my clients that they should be spending at least 50% of their time on marketing.  This is especially true when your home-based business is new, because when you’re first starting out, no one knows about your business and what you offer, and you don’t have an email list of people you can introduce your products and services to.

When you’re just starting out in a home-based business, usually you have a great idea, lots of enthusiasm, and just a little bit of money. That means you need to leverage your time when it comes to marketing. And we all know time is a precious commodity to moms. 

Often times this can feel overwhelming to a busy mom. After all, some marketing activities can be very time consuming, like attending networking events and networking one-on-one with key influencers or colleagues or former business associates who might be a good source of referrals.

Often networking events are held in the early morning, when mom is busy trying to get her kids off to daycare or school. Or in the evening when she wants to spend time with her family. Getting out and doing speaking engagements is another excellent way to position yourself as an expert, but it requires travel. And for many moms, this is simply out of the question, especially when their children are young.

These are not the same challenges faced by men and single women who have a lot more time flexibility to do this type of networking and marketing.

However there are certain marketing activities that lend themselves perfectly to the home-based business mom, and they fall into these 2 categories:

1)  They can be done at any time of day or night 

2)  They involve some form of automation

Here are 5 examples of marketing activities that satisfy these two criteria and are therefore ideally suited to the home-based business mom:

1)  Article Marketing

You can write articles and post them to the online article directories any time of day or night so this is one of the most flexible ways you have to market your business. 

2)  Email Marketing

Because your email marketing can be automated, it is also an excellent way for moms to market. If you publish an ezine, you can write it whenever is convenient for you, and schedule it to be published whenever you want it to go out to your subscribers.

3)  Blogging

Just as you can write your ezine at any time and then choose when you want it to go out to your list, you can also write and schedule blog posts.

4)  Social Media Marketing

I think by nature, women love to connect with others, but as we mentioned earlier, live networking can be a challenge. Social media marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter enable busy moms to network online at any time of day or night.

5)  Teleseminars

For busy moms who don’t want to leave their families to do live speaking engagements, teleseminars are an excellent alternative. Home-based business moms can use teleseminars to leverage their expertise, share their knowledge, and market their business.

As a busy mom running a business, marketing is very important to your success. However if you can pick 3-4 marketing activities, such as those we’ve shared here, and find a way to fit them into your schedule (whatever that schedule may be) and do them consistently, you will see your business grow.

Busy Moms, You Aren’t Too Busy For Exercise and Fat Loss – See How

I believe everyone would agree Moms are amazing. They can do multiple things all at the same time and actually do them very good. Moms frequently spend their entire day doing for everyone else. Fitness for busy moms can be a challenge in their busy daily schedules.

Would you like to know how you can spend quality time with your kids and also allow time for your own fitness? The secret is not scheduling time for fitness but placing fitness right into your already scheduled day. That is right, no need to find even thirty minutes in your day to squeeze in a fitness session created to provide fitness for busy moms.

With Moms being in charge of the family taxi service, cleaning service, cooking service and childcare services there is very little if any additional room available in her overcrowded schedule to include fitness for busy moms. If a Mom is not very careful she will neglect her own need for fitness and exercise.

Your kids can prove to be the greatest motivator and coach for your fitness for busy moms program. When the kids are in need of a change of pace and you suggest a game of kick ball, join them.

Get outdoors with the kids and join in on some of the activities. Go for bike rides together. Don’t let having a small baby or toddler prevent you from doing this. Invest in a baby bike carrier and get out of the house for that bike ride. Even babies enjoy the great outdoors and your fitness for busy moms program doesn’t have to be put aside.

Pull the stroller out of the back of the garage; it can be used for more than just a day at the zoo or shopping trips. Put your little ones in the stroller and go for a brisk walk. This can be a very nice activity just before nap time for your toddlers.

You will enjoy the benefits of the physical activity and, your kids will enjoy time with you being outdoors where they love to be the most. Making it easy for you to get fitness for busy moms.

There are some great strollers designed for easy maneuvering and brisk walking making it easier to get fitness for busy moms.

Swimming is also a great way to exercise and this will be a favorite for the kids as well. Don’t have a pool join the YMCA or other public facility with pool access and take the family for a swim or even swimming classes. Put a little splash into your fitness program.

Fitness for busy moms is possible by simply joining in on the kids’ activities and creating activities the family can enjoy together with just a little creativity.

Busy Moms – How To Have More Fun With Your Kids

As busy moms we can easily become tired, drained, and exhausted. Leaving little energy to have fun and laugh with our children.

Children need so much… Love, encouragement, discipline, and many other things. But right now I want to talk to you about FUN! Do you laugh with your kids? Do you take time to enjoy your children? Children need to laugh with you and play with you. This is a way of showing love to them. Busy Moms can take life too seriously. Laugh! Laugh often! Focus on fun.

I realize busy moms are pulled in many directions at once. It’s hard sometimes to slow down enough to laugh and enjoy life. Instead of getting upset or crying, try laughing. Only get upset at the big stuff! Let the little stuff go and enjoy. Life is so short. Life is to be enjoyed. Our children need moms that can laugh and play with them.

Here are some ways busy moms can start having more fun today-

  • Don’t expect perfection from your children or yourself – lighten up!
  • See each day as a blessing to be enjoyed
  • Find humor in the little things, when the milk spills, laugh, and tell them it’s no big deal
  • Don’t be too busy with over-scheduling, save time just to hang out as a family everyday. Change your Mindset from “oh..I’m so busy or stressed out” to… “wow, this is so easy”

Spend time each day doing an activity with your children that they enjoy, be present and focus 100% on them. Ideas-

  • Younger kids- tickle time. In making them laugh, you will laugh too
  • Play Hide and Go Seek in your house with them
  • If you have a pool, get in and swim with them
  • If you have a trampoline, get on it and jump with them (be careful with the flips, trust me!)
  • Take them to the park and throw a frisbee, ball, boomerang, or play chase with them
  • Buy or make ice blocks, find a grassy hill, and slide down the hill with them
  • Go bike riding, rollerblading, take a walk, or feed the ducks at a lake
  • Play basketball with your kids

You get the idea. Find what they love and do it. Give them your undivided attention (hint, no TV or cell phones allowed). You are building a strong, loving, trusting relationship with your children when you take time out for fun. It takes practice to juggle everything on the plate for busy moms, but with practice it can be done!